Our work & Partnership

Some of Our Works and Partnership

  1. Exhibitions- International Boston Seafood 2013, USA; Food expo 2014, Hong Kong; Food Asia Singapore, SEAFEX Dubai 2015, SIAL Middle East 2015 Abu Dhabi; Russian Seasons Dubai, Wine and Gourmet Tokyo, Travel Expo Abu Dhabi, SIAL China 2016, Epicurean market Singapore, Taste of Moscow, SAVOUR 2016 and many others;
  2. Festivals and culinary shows - Russian Gastro Week Seoul, Where to eat, Food Loft,Beach Polo Championship Singapore, Yacht Show Singapore, Disciples Escoffier Young Talent Trophy, Matryoshka Festival Dubai, RAMMY Awards Gala 2016 Rammys, Gourmet days SPB, Chef Yodji Tokuoshi event, etc;
  3. An absolutely exclusive event that has no analogues Caviar-eating contest;
  4. Cultural and business events - Helicon-Opera, Tsarina Feb 2016, BC Charity event, Viagra concert,SCO anniversary, Russian Day in SG, IV Russian-Japanese forum, Alibaba conference, etc.;
  5. Food-partnering - FROZEN, Ecopolis, Jewelry, Hospitality Awards, SWISSAM, Maserati supercar draw, SCO Marathon Kunming, Amcham Awards Ceremony, BMW Group auto boutique opening, Sailing anniversary party, etc.
  6. Partnership with Marriott Group Luxury brands - Marriott and RCH Launch event, MILUX Road show, Midnight supper at St. Regis, Moscow Polo Championship;
  7. Exclusive caviar presentations - Russian Caviar House Launch Event in the USA (Washington, DC),Russian Caviar Launch Presentation Nairobi (Kenya)., Russian Caviar House presentation in India (Kolkata), Russian Caviar House Launch Event in China (Beijing);
  8. Russian Caviar House branded restaurant in SpB - Launch of Art and Caviar Boutique restaurant, Master classes by Chef R. Palkin
  9. We are in SPACE  - We supply caviar even to International space station;
  10. Supplying to - Kremlin, Central Bank and Gazprom


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