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Russian Caviar House is the largest aquaculture farm, as well as the largest producer of caviar in Russia. We supply high-quality caviar in UAE. A pure caviar, our Russian black caviar is harvested from a premium quality sturgeon roe and fresh packaged in tins.

We cover an entire product cycle of Russian black caviar from growing fingerlings to harvesting and packing for sale. Black caviar is a rich source of nutrients, including omega 3. We manufacture the best caviar at our farm in accordance with the highest international standards, and by following the UAE laws and regulations.

Our chilled storage facility is equipped with a temperature-monitoring device to keep it fresh and tasty when delivering it to our customers.

What is caviar?

Caviar is the roe or eggs of the sturgeon fish belonging to Acipenseridae family. The Caspian Sea is the source of various types of caviar, including beluga caviar. This unfertilized salty food is consumed as an appetizer with crackers, toast points and blini, along with some crème-fraiche or fresh cream.

Is caviar healthy?

Caviar is highly nutritious, for it has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, selenium and vitamin B12. Having a small serving size every day will help you attain optimal heart health.

Our best Russian caviar has the reputation of being one of the highest grade black caviars in Dubai. The most exclusive Russian black caviar Dubai is available in 2-3 mm grain size, and has a lovely soft silky texture with slightly creamy aftertaste.

We offer Russian caviar for sale in different packages from 28.6 g to 250 g at the best caviar price Dubai possible. Explore caviar online Dubai for our premium caviar selections offered at the most competitive Russian black caviar price.

Buy caviar online today at Russian Caviar House at the best Russian caviar price. We ensure the quality of our black caviar through certification. The documents in support of it can be provided. We take pride in being the only caviar producing company that has been recognized as the exclusive supplier of caviar in Kremlin. Moreover, we are also renowned for owning the only eco-certified sturgeon farm in Russia.

Your search for the purest black caviar in Dubai or Abu Dhabi at the most competitive price ends here. Call us for more details at: +971 55 7971910 or +971 52 8289497

FAQ Caviar

What is black caviar?
Black caviar is fish eggs or roe from sturgeon fish belonging to the family Acipenseridae. There are different species of sturgeon from which caviar is harvested. Beluga caviar is the most expensive caviar available, and it is called ‘black gold’. As a delicacy, black caviar is consumed as a spread with toast points, crackers and blini.

Which country has the best caviar?
Russia is known for the supply of the best black caviar, for the Russian beluga sturgeon caviar is the best in the world. It is regarded the most flavorful delicacy, and also the most expensive one in the world.

Where is the best place to get caviar?
We, at Russian Caviar House, can deliver the best black caviar at the most competitive price right at your doorstep. We are the largest producer of caviar in Russia, and own the largest aquaculture farm in the country. We can offer you Russian black caviar in different packages.
Who eats caviar?
Though caviar is called luxury food, it is consumed by people from 25 to 70 years of age. With the growing number of sturgeon farms across the globe, you can find more consumers of caviar in people who love seafood, as well as French and Japanese cuisines. Russians and Iranians have caviar as a part of their tradition. There are people who have caviar with champagne, while purists have it with vodka. 
Where does the best black caviar come from?
You can find the best black caviar from Russia, Iran, China, Italy, France and the USA.
Why is black caviar so expensive?
One among the most expensive delicacies across the globe is black caviar. The caviar price depends on the caviar process and rarity. There are a lot of aquaculture farms that produce and harvest caviar; however, there is much cost involved in raising the sturgeons and processing the caviar.
Does caviar taste fishy?
Good caviar has also nutty, buttery and cheesy aftertaste. Sevruga and Osetra caviar are well-known for their nutty and buttery flavors.  
What is the best caviar for beginners?
For beginners, you can buy the best caviar online with a reputed caviar house like Russian Caviar House. You can choose caviar ‘Imperial’, which is the highest grade harvested from Siberian Sturgeon. It is available in different packages starting from 28.6 g to 250 g. It tastes slightly nutty, creamy and buttery aftertaste.
What is the finest caviar in the world?
The finest caviar is Almas from albino beluga sturgeon, and it is the most expensive one. Almas have rich delicate orbs, and has a unique light yellow color. The next in the row is the Sterlet Sturgeon caviar and then, Siberian Sturgeon caviar. 
Is caviar good for health?
Though a luxurious seafood delicacy, caviar is renowned for offering several health benefits. One ounce or 28 grams of caviar is rich in protein, vitamin B12, selenium, iron and sodium. Vitamin B12 is essential, but your body cannot produce it. It helps with the normal function of your nervous system, the formation of red blood cells and the creation of DNA. Other than the vitamins A, D and E, caviar is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.
Is black caviar good for you?
Black caviar offers numerous health benefits, and therefore, it is good for anyone. By having one gram of caviar, you get the vitamins and minerals essential for the entire day.
Is caviar a fish egg?
Caviar is fish eggs or roe derived from different species of sturgeon fish.
What is the best Russian caviar?
Russian sturgeon caviar is the best caviar as they come in varied texture, color and taste. Among them, you can find beluga and osetra sturgeon, which are the most luxurious caviar in the world. Beluga caviar look large and pearlescent, and are light glistening gray in color. They are known for silky butter-like texture and rich, subtle flavor. Osetra is as equally good as beluga. With color ranging from golden to brown, osetra caviar gives a nutty, creamy flavor 
Why is caviar so special?
Caviar is consumed as a luxurious delicacy by people in the past and today. Greeks, Russians, Romans and aristocrats used to have caviar. More than being a delicacy, caviar is highly nutritious owing to the presence of vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids and selenium, which are essential for good health.
How long is caviar good for?
A small tin of caviar is good if consumed within 3 weeks of buying it. You can have a sealed caviar tin for 12 months if stored appropriately.
Can I eat caviar every day?
You can have caviar every day, for it has several vitamins and minerals, which are essential for your body.
What fish produces the most expensive caviar?
Almas derived from albino beluga sturgeon fish is quite expensive and sold at a price between $25,000 - $30,000. Almas caviar are harvested from the beluga sturgeon that is over 60 years old and found in the Caspian Sea. They taste creamy, briny and buttery and have distinctively light yellow color.
What fish produces the best caviar?
High-quality caviar is harvested from beluga, osetra and sevruga sturgeon.
How can you tell good caviar?
It is said that good caviar has a minimum of 15 flavors and you taste a different one when you take a bite every time. Moreover, the aftertaste should linger in your mouth for some time.  
How long does caviar last?
The shelf life of our product is 12 months if you store it at a temperature between -2 and -4 degree Celsius

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